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Indicates if the incoming tick is the first tick of a new bar. This property is only of value in scripts that run tick by tick which is when the Calculate property is set to Calculate.OnEachTick or Calculate.OnPriceChange.


Warning: This property should NOT be accessed outside of the OnBarUpdate() method.



Note: If a bar type is set up to remove the last bar on a chart, IsFirstTickOfBar will automatically be set to True.



Property Value

This property returns true if the incoming tick is the first tick of a new bar; otherwise, false.






In NinjaTrader's event driven framework, bar closures are signaled by the tick that opens the next bar. The price of the last tick of a bar can be referenced by checking Close[1] on IsFirstTickOfBar. For volume and tick based bars, Bars.TickCount and Volume[0] can be referenced to see if the number of ticks / volume meet the criteria to build a new bar.





// On a tick by tick strategy the only way you know when a bar is closed is when
// the IsFirsTickOfBar is true.
protected override void OnBarUpdate()
    // Only process entry signals on a bar by bar basis (not tick by tick)
    if (IsFirstTickOfBar)
        if (CCI(20)[1] < -250)
    // Process exit signals tick by tick
    if (CCI(20)[0] > 250)