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Determines if the specified bar series is using Break at EOD


Note:  The property available on the UI will override any values set in code. Please see the help guide topic on using Break at EOD for more information


Property Value

A bool[] when true, indicates the specified BarsArray is setup to run Break at EOD; otherwise false.  Default value is false



IsResetOnNewTradingDays[int idx]



Warning:  This property should NOT be accessed within the OnStateChange() method before the State has reached State.DataLoaded




protected override void OnStateChange()
  if (State == State.SetDefaults)
    Name = "Examples Indicator";
  else if (State == State.Configure)
    //Add AAPL 1 minute with RTH trading hours, set to break EOD
    AddDataSeries("AAPL", new BarsPeriod() { BarsPeriodType = BarsPeriodType.Minute, Value = 1 }, 50, "US Equities RTH", true);
protected override void OnBarUpdate()
//Print out the current bars series name and break EOD setting on start up

//   IsResetOnNewTradingDays[0]  Primary
//   IsResetOnNewTradingDays[1]  AAPL

if (CurrentBar == 0)          
  Print(BarsArray[BarsInProgress].ToChartString() + " " + IsResetOnNewTradingDays[BarsInProgress]);
//ES 03-15 (1 Minute) True
//AAPL (1 Minute) False