Order Desk Updates

If you are a NinjaTrader Brokerage client, please reference this page for the most recent status updates from the Order Desk.

Current Margins for E-mini S&P: MES $50 & ES $500

Please be aware that margins are always subject to change during periods of extreme market volatility. Decisions will be made in real-time to manage margins based on current conditions.

Margin Update for CME & CBOE Products

May 6, 2020

Intraday margins for the majority of the CME Equity Indices, Interest Rates and Energies are set at standard levels including $50 day trading margins for Micro E-mini S&P (MES) and $500 for the ES, YM and 6E.

Due to continued levels of heightened volatility, temporary changes to intraday margin requirements for the following contracts remain in place until further notice.

The following contracts are set to 2X intraday margins. View standard margins here.

  • E-mini MidCap (EMD)
  • Gold (GC)
  • Micro Gold (MGC)
  • E-mini Nasdaq 100 (NQ)
  • Micro E-mini Nasdaq 100 (MNQ)
  • Ultra T-Bond (UB)

The following contracts are set at initial exchange margin based on potential for extreme volatility:

  • Brent Last Day (BZ)
  • Volatility Index (VX)

It is important to use proper risk management when trading during volatile market conditions. Following the recent large market swings, we strongly encourage maintaining a higher than normal amount of margin per contract. As always, only risk management capital should be used for trading.