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Trade with the industry-leading futures broker

NinjaTrader provides affordable access to the futures markets for futures traders. Trade futures with $50 day trading margins and low commissions through our futures brokerage services.

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Futures Trading Brokerage Done Right

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Free Award-Winning Platforms

Trade with integrated desktop, web and mobile platforms.

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Low Day-Trading Margins

$50 margins for Micros and $500 for E-Minis.

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No Deposit Minimum and Flexible Funding

Multiple ways to fund your account, including ACH.

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Discount Pricing

Save on trades with commissions as low as $.09 per contract.

Powerful tools for new and active futures traders

As a leading futures trading broker, NinjaTrader offers a wide array of additional tools and services to support your futures trading:

  • Unlimited simulated futures trading
  • Unfiltered professional market data
  • Extensive historical tick, min and daily data
  • Free 24-hour emergency trade desk
  • Award-winning charting and analysis tools
  • Unlimited support and daily training
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See Why More Traders Are Choosing Futures

More day traders continue to transition into the highly liquid futures markets.

Trade The Same Markets As Wall Street With a Lower Initial Investment.

NinjaTrader has no account minimum requirement to open an online futures brokerage account, allowing you to choose your own starting balance. As required by the Pattern Day Trader (PDT) rule, stock traders using margin must maintain a balance of $25,000 to actively day trade.
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Control A Higher Contract Value With Less Capital Through Leverage*

Futures contracts provide significantly more buying power than stocks, enabling you to control large contract values with a smaller amount of capital.

* Leverage also increases the risk associated with futures trading and only risk capital should be used to trade.

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Short Sell Without Restriction

When short-selling stocks, you pay interest, and sometimes you have to wait for an uptick and that's only if the stock is available to short. With futures, short selling futures is easy, simply sell a contract! Always available. No interest. No uptick rule.
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Ninja Trader Desktop Platform

Expand Your Trading Opportunities With The Futures Brokerage Leader

Gain exposure, manage risk and expand your trading portfolio to capitalize on the most liquid markets around the world supported by NinjaTrader’s futures trading brokerage.  

With more than 100 futures contracts available to trade, the opportunities are nearly endless. Choose from indices, currencies, metals, interest rates and more to get started. After you begin, there are always new markets to track, test and explore.

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Best Brokerage for Trading Futures

NinjaTrader is recognized for our unique combination of a high-performance trading platform, discount pricing, and real-time support.

Download NinjaTrader's award-winning software for FREE and see why it's consistently voted an industry leader by the trading community. NinjaTrader is always free to use for advanced charting, backtesting and trade simulation.

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Why Consider Trading Futures With NinjaTrader?

There are a number of reasons why traders of all skill levels diversify their portfolios with futures. Not only do they offer flexible sizing that allow those with less capital to enter the market, but they also allow for near-24-hour-a-day opportunities. With no shorting restrictions or day trading rules, futures traders also have greater flexibility to take advantage of market conditions.

Whether you are a new trader or a seasoned veteran, you want to choose a futures broker that supports you on your journey.  With an extensive Help Center, live chat and free daily livestreams presented by futures industry pro’s to help you analyze and trade the futures markets in real-time, NinjaTrader provides multiple resources to help you build your futures trading strategy at your own pace.  Get started today to find out why we are a top online future broker.

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Access the Most Popular Futures Exchanges

CME Group

CME Group is one of the world’s largest exchanges, offering a wide array of futures and options on futures products across different markets.


Gain exposure to European markets with Eurex futures. Offering a broad range of international benchmark products, Eurex operates the most liquid fixed income markets in the world.

Coinbase Derivates

Coinbase Derivatives offers highly correlated futures products with no market data fees and smaller, more affordable contracts than the competition.


ICE, or Intercontinental Exchange, was founded in 2000 to digitize the energy markets and provide greater price transparency.