Learn to Use Award-Winning Platforms

Master the NinjaTrader Desktop, Web, and Mobile Platforms

NinjaTrader’s award-winning platforms provide the tools and features needed by active futures traders to navigate the markets with confidence. Explore each toolset in the videos below detailing the setup and use of these powerful trading tools. 

Looking for quick platform tips? Visit our New User Video Guides to get up and running.


Understanding The Control Center

Learn how to monitor your real time connection to data and trading and track active orders and open positions. We also walk through how to create and manage desktop layouts using workspaces.

  • Monitor your real time data and trading network connections
  • Track your account balances, active orders, and open positions
  • Adding windows to your desktop layout


Creating A Workspace Layout

Learn how to create a workspace in the NinjaTrader Desktop platform, including how to arrange your order entry and analysis windows to better organize and optimize your trading layouts.

  • Add windows to a new workspace layout
  • Link windows by symbol
  • Save and remove workspaces


Charting Setup, Trading, And Customization

Learn how to create a chart, how to select the chart symbol using smart search, apply and format technical indicators, and place trades using Chart Trader.

  • Smart symbol search
  • Applying and adjusting indicators
  • Placing trades directly on the chart


Trading in the SuperDOM

Learn how to create, format, and place trades in the SuperDOM within the NinjaTrader Desktop Platform. See your orders and positions in context with real-time market depth data.

  • Point and click trading
  • Two-click cancel and replace
  • Advance Trade Management orders


Setting Up the Market Analyzer

Learn how to create, format, and add symbols in NinjaTrader's Market Analyzer window (quote board). Track key market analytics like intra-day price metrics and technical indicator levels for many symbols in real time.

  • Setup your quote board watch list
  • Choose from dozens of columns 
  • Apply technical indicators


Advanced Trade Management

Learn how to place Advanced Trade Management (ATM) strategies to automatically generate Order Cancels Order (OCO) brackets, trailing stops, and other custom orders when placing trades in the SuperDOM or Chart Trader. 

  • Place bracket orders
  • Set an automatic stop loss
  • Add a trailing stop to an entry


Comparison Charts and Market Correlations

Learn how to create and format multi-instrument charts in the NinjaTrader Desktop platform. Compare historical price data, identify market correlations, and visualize forward contracts and yield curves.

  • Create a multi-instrument chart
  • Apply the correlation indicator
  • View the Bond yield curve


Mastering the NinjaTrader Web Platform

Learn to navigate and configure the Web platform to easily monitor the futures markets with real-time charting, place trades, and track your account orders and positions.

  • Modular layout customization
  • Placing trades and monitoring your account 
  • Live and simulated trading


Working with Charts

Learn how to create a chart, select the chart symbol, apply and format technical indicators, and place trades directly on the chart in the NinjaTrader Web platform.

  • Create a chart
  • Apply and format indicators
  • Place trades on the chart


Trading with the SuperDOM

Learn how to create, format, and place trades in the SuperDOM. This powerful point-and-click order entry tool allows you to quickly and easily place and track your trading in context with real-time market depth data.

  • Point-and-click trading
  • Rolling-over contracts
  • Apply ATM strategies


Discover the Power of the Mobile App

Learn about the NinjaTrader Mobile App, available for Apple and Android. Watch how to monitor the futures markets with real time charting, place trades, and track your account orders and positions, all from your phone.

  • Monitoring markets in real time
  • Placing trades on the go
  • Live and simulated trading

A starting place for new traders

Technical Analysis Made Easy

Build your futures trading foundation using technical analysis to identify trends, support and resistance, and key chart patterns.

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Use NinjaTrader Platform Tools To Target Futures Market Opportunities

Our video library highlights steps to get started with the platform basics along with quick tips to customize your NinjaTrader platform to fit your trading style. Topics pertaining to how to trade futures include:

  • Creating your first chart and using Chart Trader
  • Opening and using the SuperDOM and understanding the ladder display
  • Saving and loading personalized workspaces
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