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Trader +

The Trader + suite of premium features provides dynamic tools for even faster decision making and intelligent trade management delivering a more powerful NinjaTrader 8.

ATM Strategies

Advanced Trade Management (ATM) strategies eliminate emotion through the use of pre-configured rules and conditions. Automatically submit stop loss and profit target orders in milliseconds while managing trade exits.

  • Multiple levels of stop loss and take profit orders
  • Automatic self-tightening trailing stops
  • Near zero latency in order submission and modification
  • Enforces trader discipline

Chart Trader

React to the market instantly by trading directly within a chart.

  • Positions, orders, executions & PnL visualized in your chart
  • Quickly submit, modify and cancel orders

OCO Orders

Submit multiple orders to protect an open position. When one fills, the other is automatically cancelled.

Custom Indicator, Strategy and Trading App Development

NinjaTrader’s comprehensive and flexible development environment empowers traders to build rich and integrated apps.

You can develop:

  • Indicators
  • Trading apps
  • Chart styles & bars
  • Automated strategies
  • Chart drawing tools
  • Social sharing services
  • And much more!

Automated Trading & Backtesting

Build, test and deploy automated trading strategies using “point and click” construction for non-programmers or our modern C# based trading framework.

Advanced Alerting System

NinjaTrader 8’s advanced alerting system gives you the power to build flexible & comprehensive alerts for instant notification of market events.

  • Create multi-dimensional alert conditions
  • Trigger notifications, sounds, orders and social media
  • Numerous alert re-arm options

Enhanced SuperDOM

The SuperDOM is already an indispensable tool for futures traders. NinjaTrader 8’s Trader + expands the SuperDOM functionality providing even greater visibility & analysis capabilities.

  • Plot indicator values directly on the price ladder
  • Apply additional columns of data including:
    • Limit order position in queue
    • Order Flow volume profile
    • Position PnL

Modify Orders via Indicators

Attach a working order to an indicator’s price level to automatically modify the price of an order as the indicator’s value changes.

  • Optionally offset the indicator value by a pre-defined amount
  • Elect to only modify the order price towards the last traded price

Additional Features Include:

  • Order Entry Hot Keys to submit, modify, cancel & close positions.
  • Tabbed Window Management to maximize screen space
  • Auto-Close Positions for additional risk management capabilities
  • Configurable Order Quantity Selector
  • Configurable Chart Interval Selector

Get Trader +

The Trader + & Order Flow + premium feature sets are both included with a NinjaTrader Lifetime license.