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What’s New in NinjaTrader 8?

Over 500 user-driven enhancements including…

Order Flow +

Order Flow + delivers powerful tools to analyze order book activity & market depth.

  • Volume Profile provides a customizable visualization of the Order Flow to identify support & resistance levels
  • See a detailed “x-ray view” of aggressive buying & selling activity with Volumetric Bars
  • Detect supply & demand in real time with the Market Depth Map, a visual progression of the order book
  • Track key price levels with Order Flow VWAP, volume-weighted average price
  • Visualize areas of significant volume and identify opportunities with the Trade Detector
  • Distinguish aggressive buying & selling behavior with Cumulative Delta

Options Trading

Options trading is now supported through an intuitive & user-friendly interface allowing users to:

  • View, select and trade options with the new Option Chain window
  • Access call prices, put prices, strike prices, and expiry information in a simple format
  • Quickly track options volume with the color distribution preference
  • Customize the number of strike prices to suit your needs

Powerful Analysis Tools

New & enhanced tool sets provide even more access & visibility to help propel your trading.

  • View a snapshot of activity across multiple instruments simultaneously using Market Watch
  • Quickly identify opportunities across 100s of markets leveraging new Market Analyzer columns
  • Use actionable tiles to quickly scan forex pairs and manage positions with the FX Board
  • Visualize the dynamic interplay of forex markets with FX Correlation
  • Monitor the volume required to move cryptocurrency markets each price increment using the new Depth Chart display

New Indicators & Drawing Tools

100+ built-in charting tools are included along with new indicators to support various styles of trading & analysis.

  • Visualize emerging and past trends on your chart with the Trend Lines indicator
  • Fibonacci pivots generate potential support & resistance levels to detect trade opportunities
  • Track related markets with the Correlation indicator, a clear visualization of correlated price action
  • Identify bullish & bearish reversals in choppy markets with Wiseman Fractals
  • Elevate your market analysis with new drawing tools including Polygon, Path, Time Cycles, Region Highlights and more


Charting has been enhanced based on user feedback to streamline analysis of your favorite markets.

  • Drag and drop indicators & chart bars between tabs or windows
  • View multi-series charts including non time-based bar intervals with improved equidistant bar spacing
  • Customize any bar type and interval with an extended interval selector
  • Use “No Time Scroll” crosshair mode to “lock” the crosshair at a specific time
  • Enable Chart Trader and NinjaScript strategies simultaneously to visualize strategy orders and positions from a single chart
  • Customize the drawing tool tile to access your preferred drawing tools with ease
  • Quickly set indicators to your desired preferences with customizable templates

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New Alerting System

Completely redesigned Alerts functionality allows for execution of complex multifaceted conditions without programming experience.

  • Compare two data series or indicator values from an existing chart or market analyzer window
  • Build conditions around existing market data components, indicators, or drawing objects
  • Play a custom sound, share a message to social networks, display a custom pop up, or even submit a custom order once the condition has been met
  • Reset an alert based on triggers such as condition reversed, a custom time interval, or on a reconnection

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The Static and Dynamic SuperDOM feature enhanced market analysis functionality allowing users to:

  • Add indicators on the Price Column display to visualize key market values relative to your specific style of trading
  • Dynamically add or remove price levels by resizing the SuperDOM window
  • Configure new columns such as Volume, PnL, Notes, Average Position in Queue (APQ) or custom columns developed by 3rd parties
  • Automatically “Hold” the Dynamic SuperDOM by hovering mouse over the price ladder display
  • Configure 10+ levels of market depth on the bid and ask (limited only by the exchange/provider)

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Modernized User Interface

A streamlined & dynamic interface maintains familiarity for consistency while optimizing workflow.

  • Personalize your application “Skin” & share with other traders
  • Customize new tabbed functionality for simplified navigation and minimize the screen space used
  • Duplicate current settings to a new tab or even a new window
  • Optionally configure a warning message to confirm on tab or window close

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Market Data Enhancements

A rewritten core data engine improves the way market data is processed when received from your data provider.

  • Sub-second market data time stamps now stored to meet demand for higher precision
  • Historical Bid/Ask prices now stored with each last trade tick data
  • Import, export, edit, and download market data (including market replay) all in one location
  • Set a preferred connection to obtain historical or real-time data from your choice of providers per instrument type

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Tick Replay

The NinjaTrader 8 market data engine significantly increases historical tick accuracy allowing traders to:

  • Calculate indicators and strategies on a guaranteed sequence of historical last, bid & ask events
  • Obtain values and calculations that went “into” a bar
  • Improve intraday volume and delta analysis

Technical Info

Historical Strategy Fill Processing

Strategies which previously required a higher time resolution programmed for greater accuracy can now achieve this same level of granularity by simply setting a custom resolution.

  • Standard backtest engine breaks a bar down into 3 segments allowing orders to fill within the bar
  • Backtest a strategy with intrabar granularity using “High order fill resolution”
  • Choose a time frame based on minute, second, or tick granularity
  • Set a custom period value for ultimate control over timing of historical executions

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Improved Session Management

The new “Trading Hours” window allows users to exclude certain calendar dates from charts and strategies as well as set a customized End of Day time for a particular date.

  • Predefined holidays configured and updated from NinjaTrader servers
  • Ability to add new and edit holidays
  • Options to configure a full holiday, early close, or partial holiday
  • Set “End of day” marker to allow for multiple trading segments in one trading day

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Modern design techniques deliver greater performance and flexibility than ever before.

  • Fully multi-threaded core and user interface adds significant performance increases across the entire platform
  • All connection technologies now work natively in the 64-bit version of NinjaTrader 8
  • New “Calculate On Price Change” provides ultimate control over how frequently an indicator or strategy calculates on new data
  • Optimized segmenting of open workspace resources minimizes CPU usage
  • Reconfigured data processing & storage methods to minimize response time
  • Improved Strategy Optimization delivers 10x performance gains versus benchmarks
  • Added support for concurrent historical bar requests vastly improves data load time

Automatically Rollover Futures Instruments

Within one week of a expiration date, an option to automatically rollover all Futures instruments you have active will be displayed in the Tools-> Database window. This process will update all features in your workspace to ensure you are using the current expiry.

Technical Info

Instrument Overlay Selector

“On-the-fly” instrument switching significantly reduces the time it takes to switch an interface from one market to the next. This feature also includes a quick search button to easily navigate to the Instrument Window directly.

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Playback Historical Bar Data

Market Replay now has an optional “Historical” mode which allows you to playback your regular tick data. Playback instruments and types which are not available through Market Replay and quickly analyze how bars and indicators may have formed in real-time.

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Attach Orders to Indicators

Configure a price action indicator to a SuperDOM or Chart and watch as your working orders are modified to follow the price of the indicator precisely on each tick, on price change, or on bar close. No programming needed and defined completely through the user-interface.

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MIT Orders

Market-If-Touched orders can now be used in place of limit orders and Profit Targets to hold in a prepared state until a trigger price has been reached at which point a market order will be issued. MIT orders can still be used locally if not supported by your brokerage.

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Enhanced Support for NinjaScript Development

With increased support and the introduction of additional NinjaScript types, you are no longer limited to writing custom indicators and strategies. The possibilities are truly endless: build what you can dream of and integrate it directly into the NinjaTrader 8 application.

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NinjaTrader 8 packs over 500 user driven enhancements into a completely modernized framework and UI while maintaining a consistent user experience for traders.