How Global Supply Chains Are Affecting the Futures Markets

By NinjaTrader Team

Imagine a world where everything you need—from your morning cup of coffee to the device you’re reading this on—could be impacted by events happening thousands of miles away. That is the reality of our interconnected global supply chains, a vast, intricate network of goods and services that flow constantly all around the world. 

In this video, we discuss how the futures markets can be affected by the post-Covid global supply chains system, which is undergoing several key changes and challenges in 2024. The system is now being disrupted by struggles that are causing uncertainty in global trade—including ongoing geopolitical conflicts such as the Russia-Ukraine war, the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, and more. 

Additional topics discussed in this free livestream:

  • How emotions can take your trading off course  

  • How to manage the fear of missing out (FOMO)

  • How to identify when your trading is impulsive and uncontrolled 

How the Pandemic Affected Global Suppy Chains 

The global supply chains system is a complex network that involves the production, handling, and distribution of consumer goods and services. It’s the critical backbone of the world's economy and our day-to-day lives, encompassing everything from raw materials extraction to manufacturing to transportation—all coordinated to ensure goods are delivered where and when they’re needed.  

Yet, this complex web is more fragile than we often realize. The COVID-19 pandemic tested our global supply chains system to its limits. It showed us how disruptions in one part of the world can ripple through to others, including the futures markets, influencing prices and the availability of a wide range of products we all rely on.

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