Lessons Larry Williams Learned Trading Futures in 2022

With 2022 coming to an end, legendary trader and author Larry Williams joined NinjaTrader on ‘Trader’s Workshop” to discuss how the futures markets played out in 2022 and how reality compared to his own expectations for the year.

Pulling from his trading experience that started in 1962, Larry introduces the various tools he uses to anticipate longer-term market cycles along with the price variability that can occur. He also dives into the charts, data points, and processes that inform his market analysis to help anticipate potential trends and turning points. Beyond a recap of 2022, Larry also introduces key points for consideration as traders develop their plans for 2022.


Utilize Trader Psychology, Cyclical Patterns and More Going Into 2023

  • How trader psychology can work in favor or against a trader
  • Applying cyclical patterns to help anticipate price trends
  • How risk management plays a key role in long-term success
  • Using ‘Commitment of Traders’ to gauge commercial sentiment
  • Tracking the ‘Yield Curves’ and what it represents for major market indices

About Larry Williams

This is Larry Williams’ 60th year in the futures market as a trader, educator, and author with eleven trading books to his credit. His groundbreaking work in seasonal analysis and the many technical analysis tools he has created have empowered traders all over the world.

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