Technical Analysis for Futures Trading Made Easy

By NinjaTrader


When do I place my trade? Where do I set my stop loss or profit target? These are just a couple of questions that futures traders need to answer on a regular basis. One of the ways traders get to those answers is by using trading technical analysis in a historical price chart.


What is Trading Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis is a visual way to analyze and anticipate potential market movements using real-time and historical market prices and volume data. This type of analysis consists of a wide selection of:

  • Indicators 
  • Chart types 
  • Drawing tools

Why is technical analysis important for futures traders? Understanding these elements will help you better recognize trading opportunities and futures market conditions to make more informed trading decisions.  


Learn the Foundational Concepts of Trading Technical Analysis

We have created a free multi-video training course introducing the foundational concepts of technical analysis to help you better identify trends, support and resistance levels and key chart patterns. Watch part one of our series, “Technical Analysis Made Easy”, featuring actionable take-aways you can start using today to elevate your futures trading game:


You can continue to expand your technical trading skills by attending our daily livestreams featuring live futures trading with shows dedicated to market analysis, risk management and more. View upcoming schedule