Develop the Trader in You

Get started on your journey and learn how to trade futures through our introductory video series designed for new futures traders.

Topics Covered In This Five-Part Video Training Series Include:


What Does It Mean To Be A Trader?

Becoming an effective trader requires discipline, patience, and steady risk management, three traits that all traders need to develop and master for long-term consistent success.

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Why Traders Choose Futures

Whether you are a new trader or a seasoned veteran, you want to trade in markets with the fewest barriers to entry along with the most key features and benefits traders are looking for.

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Types Of Traders In Futures

Futures serve a wide range of diverse traders with unique objectives, from day traders, to swing traders, to large commercial traders, all looking to trade on a fair and level playing field.

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Futures Trading Basics To Get Started

Before placing that first futures trade, it's essential to know the markets you plan to trade, the appropriate contract details and the economic factors and news that could impact market price and direction.

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