Attach Orders to Indicators in NinjaTrader 8!

Among the 500+ user driven enhancements in NinjaTrader 8 lies the “Attach Orders to Indicators” feature. This new hands-free trade management concept allows traders to attach orders placed via Chart Trader or the SuperDOM to indicators.

Once an order has been appended to an indicator, the order will follow the indicator value as it changes!

Configure your favorite indicator, such as an EMA, and behold as working orders are automatically modified to follow the price of said indicator precisely on each tick, price change or bar close.

This trade management enhancement is available for both manual discretionary trading and ATM Strategy stop loss and profit target orders. Moreover, no programming is needed as attaching orders to indicators can be accomplished through NinjaTrader’s robust and intuitive user interface!

For step-by-step instructions on attaching orders to indicators, visit the NinjaTrader 8 Help Guide!

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