Futures Trading Idea Based on Double Top Patterns

Major trend reversals can potentially be identified by recognizing double top patterns as detailed in ‘How to Identify Double Top and Bottom Patterns’. When conditions of double top patterns are identified, potential trading ideas may present themselves. Backtesting or using a simulator environment can be a logical next step to explore these trading opportunities. For NinjaTrader users, the Playback feature provides the ability to play, pause & rewind the market tick by tick using real market data.

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Dollar Strengthens in Advance of Jackson Hole

The U.S. Dollar posted gains on Tuesday ahead of this week’s key economic event, the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium, where both Fed Chair Janet Yellen and ECB Chief Mario Draghi are expected to speak. Quantitative Tightening is likely the big topic of discussion as investors look for clues on the direction of interest and currency rates. Read More

Automated Trading: Advantages Vs. Manual Trade Execution

Automated trading tools allow traders to build their strategy in a computer-based system which will automatically execute trades based on predetermined market conditions. There are many advantages to automating your trades versus manual trade execution including the removal of emotion, time savings, and the potential to trade multiple markets simultaneously. Read More

CBOE Volatility Index Surges to 3 Month High

The VIX, widely considered the fear gage within the markets, popped over 35% in intraday trading on Thursday, signaling a possible return of volatility as major indexes retreat amid geo-political concerns and gradual monetary policy tightening.Read More

Safe-Haven Demand Regains Footing

As tensions escalate between North Korea and the United States following President Trump’s threat to unleash “fire and fury” in response to Pyongyang’s remarks on “carefully examining” a strike on Guam, global stock markets reacted in a predictable safe-haven fashion.Read More

Identify Bullish Market Signals With Futures Trading Indicators

There are a number of ways to indentify bullish markets signals and for many new traders, finding trading indicators they are comfortable with is an important first step. To help you get started, included below is an overview of a a few of these indicatators and charting patterns to look for in your backtesting.Read More

Gold Futures Ease on Strong Equities Market

Yesterday gold topped an 8-week high closing at 1279.4. While still considered in bullish territory as its trading nearly 30 points above its 200 period moving average, Gold is taking a backseat today as traders favor riskier investments. Read More

Trade Commission-Free in September!

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