Brent Crude Futures Touches near 3 Year High

With less than two weeks remaining for the White House to conclude their review of sanctions on Iran, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated there is “new and conclusive” proof that Iran has been masking nuclear weapons activity. Read More

Crude Oil Matches 2015 High

Crude Oil futures extended its gains on Wednesday trading at roughly $68/barrel, a high not seen since October 2015. The rally came on news that major oil supplier, Saudi Arabia, is targeting futures prices of $80/barrel. Simultaneously, government data released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported U.S. stockpiles fell last week by 1.1 million barrels. Last week’s decline in supply caught many analysts off guard who were expecting an increase of 600K barrels. Read More

Bullish GBPUSD Reaches Pre-Brexit Highs

During intraday trading on Tuesday, the British Pound inched its way to its highest level against the dollar since Brexit. The nearly two year slump started on June 24th, 2016 when the sterling saw the largest single day drop of any major currency in history as Britain voted to officially leave the EU. Read More

Futures Fall On Resurgence of a Potential Trade War

Equity Index Futures tumbled during the overnight session as the potential for a trade war reemerge. Following China’s tit-for-tat retaliation to Washington’s initial threat of $50 billion in tariffs, President Donald Trump doubled down with a move to consider $100 billion in additional tariffs.Read More