Further Personalize Your Charts with Custom Background Images

Always free to use, NinjaTrader charts are highly customizable and allow for a wide range of user defined settings and options. To help traders quickly differentiate their charts, we recently added the ability to set an image as a chart background in NinjaTrader 8.

NinjaTrader’s award-winning charting package supports a multitude of intervals, indicators and drawing tools for both discretionary and automated trading. With advanced features such as order flow, volumetric bars and chart trader, NinjaTrader empowers traders to analyze and trade simultaneously in a personalized way.

Add a Custom Background to Your Chart

Change the background of your chart to an image with these easy steps:

  1. Right click within your chart and select Properties.
  2. Within the General section, left click to check Chart background image. Two additional fields will appear below.
  3. Left click in the Background image path field and specify the location of your desired image.
  4. Set the Background image stretch to your desired setting, or leave it set to Fill.
  5. Click OK.

Depending on the image you select, additional settings may need to be adjusted. Bar outline, wick, and body colors are defined in the Data Series menu. General chart settings such as text color and gridlines can be found in the Properties menu. Indicator colors and settings can be defined in the Indicators menu. You can access any of these menus from the right-click options within a chart.

How Do I Get the New Background Image Property?

Existing users can upgrade to the latest version of NinjaTrader 8 here and new users can get started here.

The NinjaTrader platform is always free for advanced charting, strategy backtesting and simulated trading. NinjaTrader supports over 60,000 traders worldwide with award-winning technology, deep discount commissions and world class support.