Trade Directly from Your Charts – ChartTrader!

NinjaTrader’s ChartTrader provides discretionary futures, forex, index and equity traders with a convenient and flexible interface to submit, manage and view trades directly within a chart window.

Through ChartTrader, orders and positions are displayed in visual manner allowing traders to quickly compare orders with current market movements and other visual components of technical analysis.


1) Fast Order Entry

Order submission via ChartTrader can be accomplished via the pre-configured Quick Buttons (1) or the Right Click menu. Buy/Sell Market, Buy/Sell Ask, Buy/Sell Bid, Reverse and Close are the quick order entry buttons pre-installed with NinjaTrader.

2) Clear Order Management

Once a pending order has been placed, a color coded tag (2) is displayed on the chart panel showcasing the order type and quantity. In this example a Buy Limit order was placed at 2134.00 for 3 contracts. Note the cyan horizontal line connects the tag to the price point on the Y-Axis where the order resides.

3) Simple Order Modification

Order modification is accomplished via the intuitive “Click-then-Click” method (3). Simply left click on the order tag, and a ghost order will appear displaying the number of ticks that you navigated away from the initial order.

Note in the image above, the ghost order is the grey order tag featuring -210, which is the difference in ticks where the new order will be placed. Once the ghost order is at the desired point, left clicking again will complete the order modification.

The following video tutorial demonstrates the basics of ChartTrader to get you started!

ChartTrader hosts a number of other functions to fit every traders unique style of trading. Download NinjaTrader today and explore how to attach indicators to orders, toggle between multi instrument chart panels, incorporate OCO (one cancels other) ATM Strategies, plus more!