Larry Williams on the Seasonality of the Futures Markets

By NinjaTrader Team

When talking about the seasonality of the futures markets, it’s easy to think in terms of cyclical patterns that occur at different times of the year. But what really goes into a seasonality study? What’s the proper way to analyze and apply seasonal data? For any given market, which is more important: specific dates or general trends? In this week’s episode of Traders Workshop, the spotlight shines bright on seasonality.

Award-winning trader Larry Williams joined us to discuss why seasonality is a crucial component to his trading decisions. Larry explains that while no trader should rely solely on one tool or indicator to make decisions, understanding seasonal trends for individual futures markets can influence when it’s time for traders to pay closer attention to other decision-making tools.

Additional topics discussed in this free livestream:

  • Importance of proper data analysis

  • Validity of “Sell in May and Go Away”

  • Analysis of the “Voice From the Tomb’s” seasonal corn and wheat dates

  • What not to do with seasonal data when trading

  • Chart analysis of corn, wheat, crude oil, and gold futures

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