Market Replay: Practice, Practice, Practice with Playback Connection

By NinjaTrader


Malcom Gladwell, staff writer at The New Yorker and author of the bestselling book "Outliers", popularized the theory that 10,000 hours of practice are required to master a particular skill.

Similar to other skillsets, if you are determined to master the art of trading, it requires practice. Unfortunately, the markets only offer a limited amount of live data on a daily basis making that 10,000 hour benchmark daunting at best.

Real-time trading hours for the U.S. stock markets are from 9:30 am ET – 4:00 pm ET. That's only 6.5 hours, five days a week. Not taking holidays or other factors into consideration, it would take you 1,538 days to breach the 10,000-hour threshold. With a maximum of 262 weekdays in a year, you are looking at nearly six years to become a master trader.

Enter NinjaTrader’s Market Replay Playback Connection. With live on-demand data included for free with NinjaTrader, the Playback Connection empowers you to record, download and replay market data at your convenience. Whether during aftermarket hours or on the weekend, the Playback Connection delivers market replay data to all NinjaTrader windows for simulated trading as if you were trading in real-time.

Test your trading strategies, indicators, entry/exit rules, and your order flow reading skills on any market or timeframe. Moreover, you can test daily, weekly, or monthly strategy and indicator performance in minutes as the Playback Connection can playback Market Replay data up to 1,000 times market speedor as fast as your system can handle.

Master your trading skills and increase your exposure to live market data with NinjaTrader’s Market Replay Playback Connection today.

Watch this quick video tutorial to learn more.