Trading Forex Futures: Making the Move

By NinjaTrader Team

With the advent of micro-sized contracts for forex futures, traders can trade forex at a size that fits their risk profile. Forex futures trade 23 hours a day, so traders have the flexibility to trade when market-moving news happens.  
Trading forex futures has some advantages over trading forex over-the-counter (OTC) markets, most revolving around transparency. Forex futures trade with the exchange acting as a central order book, so anyone anywhere can see the same bid/ask pricing.  

The exchange has a first-in, first-out policy, so orders get filled in the order they were received at the exchange—not due to who you are or what size you’re trading. Counterparty risk is mitigated by the exchange, which eliminates the need for relationships with multiple counterparties. 

Additionally, forex traders are not relegated to just one asset class—futures trading gives the trader access to commodities, indices, and interest rates. 
Anthony Crudele joined us on this week’s episode of “Develop Your Edge” to discuss his experience with forex OTC and futures trading. 

Additional topics discussed in this free livestream:

  • The importance of understanding market environment 
  • Volatility profile for Euro forex and gold 
  • Pivot points as a guide for intraday levels in futures trading 
  • The impact of central bank speakers on currency markets 
  • Why gold futures can be an important market for forex futures traders 

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