Activate Your NinjaTrader Trading System

automated trading system

Systems trading provides an alternative to traditional discretionary trading through the use of automated algorithms that trigger trades when predetermined market conditions are met.

NinjaTrader offers a robust selection of over 1000 unique automated strategies to choose from, covering a wide range of trading styles and market approaches. Once you have identified a trading system that meets your requirements, the next step is to activate the automated strategy on your trading account.

View License Options & Subscribe

Starting from the NinjaTrader iSystems platform interface, click on the “lock” icon in the far-right column of the applicable system & select Buy License. This icon is also accessible from the performance reports view.

  • Please note: An active NinjaTrader iSystems account is required prior to this step. Simply click on “Sign Up Today” in the upper left-hand corner to get started.

After configuring your subscription, be sure to closely review the details as well as the important terms & conditions before accepting the subscription purchase. Once purchased, a confirmation window will appear.

Activate Your System

From the subscription confirmation window, selecting “Activate” will present the following information:

  • System name: Name of the selected automated strategy
  • System type: Intraday or swing
  • Current position: Will be Flat for a newly activated system
  • Account: Your selected NinjaTrader Brokerage account
  • Required margin: Minimum account balance to trade the system
  • Multiplier: Number of contracts traded
  • Activation mode: Either activate immediately or upon the next session’s open

View & Modify Your Systems

You can view your active systems at any time via the My Systems option at the top of the NinjaTrader iSystems interface. You can also extend your license, change the system’s multiplier, view performance, and deactivate your system from here.

Please remember, past performance of an automated trading system is not always indicative of future results and a backtested system does not guarantee future success.

Watch a Quick Demonstration of How to Activate Your System:

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