Analyze Price Action on Multiple Timeframes with Global Drawing Objects

NinjaTrader is equipped with a number of native drawing tools to aid in your technical analysis.

Drawing Objects can be applied to a specific chart or to the chart of the same instrument. When a drawing object is applied to all charts of the same instrument, it is considered global.

When analyzing price action on multiple timeframes for a particular instrument, consider activating “Global Drawing Objects” which will allow you to keep your analysis consistent and prove to be a nice timesaver in the long run.

The following example demonstrates how this can be quickly accomplished by adding a drawing object, such as a line to one chart:

  1. Once the line has been added to the chart, access the properties of the line by double clicking on the line, and changing the “Attached To” drop down menu to “all charts” for the specific instrument.
  2. You’ll notice the line has been appended to all charts on the instrument where the original line was drawn. NinjaTrader provides the option to remove the line from specific charts in your workspace. This can be accomplished via the data series menu within the chart that you don’t want a line displayed and changing “show global drawing objects” to false.

This step by step process in outlined in the quick, 2 minute video below.