Equity Index Futures Slide

Equity Index Futures plunged before the opening bell on Wednesday and continued a downward slide into real time trading hours.

The E-Mini S&P (ES), E-Mini DOW (YM) and E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ) have retreated from a streak of record breaking highs as investors sit in a holding pattern while law makers in Washington continue to grapple with the anticipated tax reform & the likelihood of it becoming law before 2018. Lower than expected inflation levels along-side a dip in oil prices also played a role in today’s bearish market sentiment.

The below chart, created for free with the NinjaTrader platform, showcases the 5-minute ES, YM and NQ during early morning trading and shortly after the opening bell.

Equity Index Futures Chart

The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), widely considered the fear gauge within the market, jumped roughly 20% to the low 14’s, marking its highest intraday level since the end of August. Today’s bump has pushed the VIX nearly 60% higher in November alone where it closed just above 9 points to kick off the month.

CBOE Volatility Index Chart

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