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Trading systems provide complete trade automation and eliminate the emotional and operational stress of traditional discretionary trading. Rather than having to decide on the fly while the market charges forward, systems traders use algorithms which automatically execute trades based on predetermined market conditions.

NinjaTrader provides access to 1000+ professionally developed and backtested day trading systems, offering a vast selection of methodologies and market approaches. Multiple tools & customizable filters are available to help you find the systems to fit your trading portfolio.

Top 10 Lists

NinjaTrader’s iSystems interface allows you to sort the top 10 performing automated strategies based on a number of timeframes:

  • Current session
  • Previous session
  • Last month
  • Last year
  • Since inception

Apply Filters to Narrow Your Search

Several filters are available to help find the appropriate systems based on your preferences. These filters are separated into three main categories.

  1. Risk & Returns: These filters include performance metrics such as Tracked PnL, Annual ROI, Worst Drawdown, and Winning Session Average.
  2. Descriptors: These filters help narrow down strategies based on factors such as Market Traded, Intraday or Swing, Required Capital, Suggested Capital, and Developer.
  3. Track Record: This group filters based on factors such as Start Date, Live Sessions, and Average Trade Duration.

Sort Results by Column

Once filters are applied, use columns to sort by whichever criteria is the most important. For example, if you want to focus on the strategies with the highest returns, sort the Annual ROI column from high to low. If risk is more of a concern, use the Worst Drawdown column to sort from low to high.

Please remember, past performance is not always indicative of future results and a backtested system does not guarantee future success.

See how to filter systems in this 3-minute video:

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