Use New Path Drawing Tool for Custom Analysis

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The award-winning NinjaTrader platform provides traders with a multitude of FREE advanced charting tools for analysis of futures, stocks, forex and cryptocurrencies. The recently introduced Path drawing tool adds to the existing suite of analysis features available for both new and experienced traders.

Using this new feature, traders using NinjaTrader 8 can now draw multiple connected lines consecutively. Tracking price channels, support & resistance as well as other important charting patterns just got easier!

How Do I Get the Path Drawing Tool?

Existing users can upgrade to the latest version of NinjaTrader here and new users can get started here.

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The Path drawing tool allows users to create multiple connecting lines without creating a shape. It is used similarly to the Polygon drawing tool, except the Path tool does not create a closed shape.

How to Draw a Path

Creating a series of connected lines can be accomplished in two simple steps:

To draw a new path:

  1. Right click within your chart window and select Drawing Tools > Path.

  1. Draw your desired shape with a series of left clicks and then double-click to complete the path.

Once drawn, a polygon can be fine-tuned by dragging the anchor points. To move an individual anchor point:

  1. Left click the path once to select it. When selected, all anchor points of the path will be highlighted with small circles as seen above.
  2. Left click and drag the anchor point to its new location.

Paths can also be customized by color, outline width, line style and opacity.

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