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Margin Policy & Position Management

NinjaTrader offers clients aggressive day trading margins of $500 per contract for the most popular and liquid futures markets.


Intraday Position Management

Reduced Intraday Margins are available to qualifying accounts for a pre-defined period of the trading session. Not all Intraday Margins are the same. Please refer to the Intraday Margin Sheet for the current rate for each product.


Unless otherwise stated, the Intraday Margin rates are effective from the product open until 15 minutes prior to the session close. Many ICE US (NYBOT) products revert to Initial Margin 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to the end of the session.

View Intraday Margin Sheet for current rates.

Product Description Intraday Margin End Time Session Close Time
ES MiniS&P500 15:45 CT 16:00 CT
6E Euro FX 15:45 CT 16:00 CT
CL Crude Oil 15:45 CT 16:00 CT
TF* eMini Russell 2000 15:45 CT 17:00 CT (1 hour and 15 minutes prior to the end of the ICE US session.)
DX* Dollar Index 15:45 CT 16:00 CT

Please Note:

Early closes due to holidays are common and schedules may continue to change until the date of the holiday session. Intraday margin is not extended through the holiday trading halt and all positions must satisfy exchange minimum margin rates 15 minutes prior to the early close.

Due to daylight savings time differences between the US and Europe, the Eurex session times will shift by 1 hour until both regions are on the same schedule. This occurs during March and November.

It remains the sole responsibility of the authorized trader of an account to manage the positions in accordance with the Intraday Margin Guidelines. Accounts that do not meet the minimum Intraday Margin requirement for the duration of the trade are subject to liquidation and any applicable fees associated to the liquidation.

Intraday Margins may be adjusted to account for excessive volatility and in extreme cases may change with limited or no prior notice. In these situations the fees for liquidation will be waived however the accounts may still be liquidated to help protect the account.

Delivery and 1st Notice


Trading in physically deliverable futures contracts is prohibited beginning on the business day preceding the earlier of the Last Trade Date or the 1st Notice Date through the Last Trade Date. Any account that has a position or places an order in a contract after this roll date is subject to immediate liquidation and associated margin violation fees.

Delivery is not an option unless prior arrangements are made with an approved warehouse and the full value of the underlying is on deposit with the FCM. Contact the Trade Desk to discuss delivery requirements at least 30 days prior to the 1st Notice date

Initial Margins

Initial Margins are set by the respective exchange and represent the amount required to hold a position into the next trading session. Initial Margin is also required on holidays when trading sessions span multiple days.


If the account does not have sufficient funds to satisfy the Initial margin requirement, the FCM or the Trade Desk may liquidate the entire position.
Initial Margins are periodically updated by the exchanges based on the volatility of the underlying products.

Margin & Position Management Violations

The risk management policies are strictly enforced and may result in execution fees as well as higher day-trading margins.


If an account does not meet the margin requirement at all times during the life of a trade (including open profit and loss):

  1. The entire position becomes eligible for liquidation and may be closed in its entirety by the FCM or the NinjaTrader Risk Management Team
  2. An e-mail will be sent notifying the account owner that there was a violation and the action that was taken
    • 1st Violation: $25 execution fee
    • Subsequent Violations: $50 execution fee

If you have further questions about the policy, please contact your broker or Customer Support at [email protected] or by phone at 312-423-2230.

*Margins may be raised at any time by either the FCM or NinjaTrader.

*Intraday margin levels may exceed Initial margin levels.

*Spread credit does not apply to intraday margins due to leg risk while the market is open.