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Order Flow +

The Order Flow + suite of premium features available for NinjaTrader 8 gives you tools to analyze trade activity using order flow, volumetric bars & market depth.

Identify buying & selling pressure to confirm market movement in a specific direction as the trading action unfolds through visualization of the order flow.

Order Flow Volume Profile Indicator & Drawing Tool

Analyze the distribution of trading volume over price for a specified time range to identify significant levels of support and resistance with this comprehensive visual display.

  • Multiple visualization modes
  • Plot volume, delta, ticks or price
  • Display point of control and value areas

Volumetric Bars

Volumetric bars track buyers and sellers tick by tick giving you a comprehensive view of the activity for order flow trading.

  • Footprint style visualization
  • Show order flow imbalance
  • Market delta analysis
  • Identify volume clusters, absorption, exhaustion and unfinished auction patterns

Order Flow VWAP

Identify key price thresholds and measure momentum with volume-weighted average price (VWAP), a moving average that also incorporates volume data.

  • Deviation bands indicate price levels where buying & selling pressure are anticipated
  • Confirm trends and track price breakouts

Order Flow Cumulative Delta

Track aggressing buying & selling with Cumulative Delta, a visual display of the net difference between buyers & sellers at each price level traded.

  • Confirm or deny trends and gauge market strength
  • Monitor buying vs. selling pressure to spot market reversals

Order Flow Trade Detector

Analyze the tape and visualize significant trade events on your chart. A powerful combination when used in conjunction with the Order Flow Depth Map.

  • Tracks trades based on buyer or seller activity
  • Display based on trade size or accumulation

Order Flow Market Depth Map

Historic and real-time visualization of the limit order book giving you clear insight of market depth and order flow.

  • See the progression of the limit order book
  • Easily identify supply and demand

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The Order Flow + and Trader + premium feature sets are both included with a NinjaTrader 8 Lifetime license.