Micro Bitcoin Futures: Benefits and Forecast

Micro Bitcoin Futures

Bitcoin Bulls and Bears alike will gain liquidity and transparency with the introduction of CME Group’s Micro Bitcoin Futures (MBT) on May 3rd, 2021. As the cryptocurrency market continues to explode, the Futures market has answered the call with the advent of this new bite-sized contract.

Benefits of Micro Bitcoin Futures

  • Reduced Financial Commitment – At 1/10th the size of the standard Bitcoin contract & 1/50th the size of the larger Bitcoin futures contract (BTC), Micro Bitcoin Futures provide access to capitalize on the Bitcoin marketplace at a fraction of the cost and with the reduced financial commitment.
  • Price Discovery & Transparency – Unlike with the current crypto exchanges, traders will now have access to better price discovery and transparency.
  • Increased Flexibility – Futures traders can speculate on the price of Bitcoin using Micro Bitcoin (MBT) both on the long and short side with no uptick rule or short-selling restrictions.
  • Regulated – Micro Bitcoin futures are regulated by a US exchange for greater risk control.

Micro Bitcoin Futures Forecast

Bitcoin has recently fallen from all-time market highs at 64,895. This recent corrective slide is most likely a profit-taking move. The trend is your friend as the market maintains an aggressive Bullish posture locking in continuous higher move highs, and higher move lows. Trading above the 47,000 low helps to keep the trend intact and the Bulls locked and loaded for higher levels. As the accessibility to the market grows, with products like the Micro Bitcoin Futures, trading liquidity is projected to grow

Bitcoin Daily Chart

For the Bulls, trading above 64,000 targets 68,150. Resistance is expected to put up a fight at these levels. This area spikes the Micro Bitcoin Futures into the upper band of the current Bullish channel supporting the trend.

Trading below 55,441 will have the Bears licking their chops as downside selling momentum looks to find support down toward the 47,000 level. A failure here could signal a lower swing low. Should this occur, it would be a very good indication that the overall market is overdone at these levels and an extended downside correction may be on the menu.

Trade Micro Bitcoin Futures with NinjaTrader

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