Micro Treasury Futures Have Arrived

Micro Treasury Futures

Trade the interest rates markets for less with CME Group’s new Micro Treasury Yield futures.  These innovative contracts are based directly on yields of the most recently auctioned Treasury securities including the 2-Year Note, 5-Year Note, 10-Year Note & 30-Year Bond.

You can trade these exciting new contracts through NinjaTrader with intraday margins as low as $50!

Although complementary to the existing Treasury futures available from CME Group, Micro Treasury Yield futures are designed to increase access to market opportunities in the US government bond market. Micro Treasury Yield futures are cash-settled traded in yield, and track a single on-the-run security, whereas existing Treasury futures are physically-delivered, traded in price, and track a basket of deliverable securities. Learn More.

Top Reasons to Trade Micro Treasury Futures

  • Scale Exposure – Target opportunity and scale exposure to the Treasury marketplace with a small contract size.
  • Highly Leveraged Investment – Benefit from futures trading leverage to control a larger contract value with your capital.
  • Financial Efficiency – The small contract size and low margin requirements are ideal for those looking to reduce financial exposure.
  • Position Versatility – Add more flexibility for position management to your trading strategies using Micro contracts.

Trade Micro Treasury Futures with NinjaTrader

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