Why Futures Prices Move Up and Down

By NinjaTrader

Traders often suffer from not knowing what they don’t know. Education, practice and working with a mentor can be a great way to identify the areas you, as a trader, need to focus on to improve results and long-term consistency. 

In this edition of Trader’s Workshop, Anthony Drager discusses how professional traders approach the futures markets, and how the dynamics of ‘buyers versus sellers’ drive futures price movement and extend trends and signal turning points. Anthony also talks about the psychology of trading and how traders need to be able to accept losing trades and learn from those losses.  

The Effect of Buyer and Sellers and Market Dynamics on Futures Prices

Key Topics Anthony Covers: 

  • Understanding how buyers and sellers move the market
  • Determining the strength of buyers versus sellers
  • How market dynamics can affect order flow
  • Dealing with the psychology of losing trades
  • Taking a more professional discipline approach to your trading

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