Visualize the Order Book with Market Depth Map

NinjaTrader’s Order Flow + Market Depth Map helps traders detect supply & demand levels by plotting order book data directly on the chart. Through a chronological display of market depth behind price bars, order flow traders can watch the limit order book unfold in real time highlighting significant price levels such as support and resistance.Read More

5 Reasons to Trade Nasdaq Futures

E-mini Nasdaq (NQ) and Micro E-mini Nasdaq (MNQ) futures from the CME Group provide 2 of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to speculate the Nasdaq-100 index. Both contracts offer traders exposure to the top 100 American technology companies traded on the exchange.Read More

Explaining Cash & Physical Settlements in Futures

An important aspect to consider when trading futures is whether the contract traded is cash or physically settled. All futures contracts have a set lifetime before they expire and are either cash-settled or physically delivered at expiration.

It is important to understand the difference since there are important implications based on how a futures contract ends.Read More

Risk Management Tips for Futures Traders

Managing risk is a critical component of being an effective futures trader. First and foremost, since trading futures and other financial vehicles is inherently risky, only risk capital should be used for futures trading.Read More

What is Futures Rollover?

The concept of rollover is unique to the futures market. Since futures contracts trade for a specific amount of time before they expire, understanding futures rollover and when to shift to a later contract is crucial for futures traders.Read More

Identify Buying & Selling Activity with Trade Detector

NinjaTrader’s Order Flow + Trade Detector indicates when and at what price large trading volume occurs helping traders identify market opportunities. By viewing markers indicating where substantial volume has occurred, traders can gauge potential support & resistance areas and fine-tune entries & exits.Read More

Stay Up-to-Date with New Auto Rollover Notifications!

Futures contracts are only active for a specific amount of time before they expire. As a result, futures traders must roll their contracts to avoid expiration, follow trading volume and ensure there is enough market liquidity for trade execution.

Some futures contracts expire on a monthly basis while others expire every few months. For active traders of multiple markets, monitoring various futures roll dates and avoiding expiration can be burdensome.

Fortunately, NinjaTrader recently introduced an Auto Rollover feature which alerts traders when contracts should be updated! Auto Rollover helps ensure NinjaTrader users are viewing, tracking & trading the latest contracts. Read More

Why Trade Bitcoin Futures vs the Spot Market?

Bitcoin futures (BTC) allow traders to speculate on the price of Bitcoin without having to buy or sell the underlying cryptocurrency itself, known as the “spot” currency. The easy-to-access futures marketplace provides several distinct benefits versus actually owning the digital coin.Read More