Are You Ready for the Next Fed Rate Announcement?

At the time of writing, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) members are meeting behind closed doors to prepare for the next Fed Rate Announcement. Investors and traders around the globe are eagerly awaiting the outcome of this meeting. Rate increases and quantitative tightening are expected to continue, but the impact on the markets and economy is yet to be seen. Read More

Nano Ether Joins Nano Bitcoin as New Crypto Futures Market Entries

Arriving hot on the heels of Nano Bitcoin futures, Nano Ether futures has gotten off to an amazing start! Daily volume for both of these new products has been strong, already exceeding many long-established and popular futures markets. Both products are sized for the individual trader; each Nano Bitcoin futures contract is just 1/100th the size of one Bitcoin and each Nano Ether futures contract is 1/10th the size of one Ether. Read More

Fall 2022 Futures Trading Outlook

The end of summer doesn’t just signal cooler weather, it’s also time for the financial markets to get back into full swing. Global institutions are back at it, as are money managers, traders and other market participants. This increased trading volume is important for every futures trader to be aware of going into the fall. Read More

The Employment Situation: The Bureau of Labor Statistics Monthly Report

One goal of the Federal Reserve Board’s dual mandate is “maximum sustainable employment”. The August unemployment numbers (aka the monthly Employment Situation Report) are set to be released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday, September 2nd. This report has the potential to move the needle in the markets in a significant way, and should be on every trader’s radar. Read More

Why Traders Are Getting Excited About New Nano Ether Futures

Following up on the recent successful introduction of Nano Bitcoin futures, the upcoming launch of Nano Ether futures on Monday, August 29th from Coinbase Derivatives is eagerly anticipated by active traders. This new Ether contract offers futures traders and Ether enthusiasts alike a cost-efficient way to access the crypto marketplace with contracts right-sized for the individual trader including $25 day trading margins, commission-free trading* & no market data fees. Read More