Understanding the 4 Common Volume Profile Shapes

Volume Profile is a dynamic tool that displays volume-at-price information for order flow traders. While the patterns of Volume Profiles may initially appear random, there are recurring shapes that can potentially provide insight into market direction, support & resistance zones, reversal areas and more. Read More

How Can Market Volatility Impact Futures?

Risk management is ultimately what keeps traders in the game for the long haul – the ability to control losses and stay above water in speculative markets. During times of increased market volatility, risk management can become even more critical for traders navigating uncertainty.Read More

Has Inflation Come to Spoil the Party? FOMC Preview

With pandemic restrictions starting to ease, investor discussion is turning to what the economy may look like as it emerges from a lockdown of its own. Some economists have called for 7% GDP growth as consumers unleash excess savings or just spend the money provided from the government’s latest $1.9 trillion stimulus package. Insight will be provided at the conclusion of this week’s Federal Open Reserve Committee (FOMC) meeting tomorrow.Read More

What is Futures Volatility?

Volatility is a measure of market movement in either direction, relative to a “normal” market. In other words, if a futures market is moving up or down more than normal, it is considered to be volatile.Read More