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Nasdaq Futures Surge More Than 5% as Race Remains Undecided

By | November 4, 2020

Led by the tech-heavy Nasdaq, US stock indexes rose Wednesday after a tumultuous election night. E-mini Nasdaq futures soared more than 5% during Wednesday’s session, followed by the Dow and S&P 500, on pace for its best day in over 6 months.

And all the while the US Presidential election is not only still too early to call, but there is uncertainty as to when a winner will be determined. Read More

Dow, S&P Slide While Nasdaq Rises

By | October 27, 2020

Following yesterday’s sharp drop, both the Dow and S&P 500 continued to tumble today while Nasdaq futures rose nearly a full point.

Yesterday the Dow Jones Industrial Index saw its worst day since September 3rd and the S&P had its worst day in a month. Concerns over a surge in coronavirus infections as well as the unlikelihood of a stimulus agreement prior to next week’s US Presidential election sent equities lower in all 3 indexes. Read More

Markets React to Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis

By | October 2, 2020

Stock futures sank Friday morning as investors digested news of President Donald Trump testing positive for COVID-19. Early Friday morning, the president revealed via Twitter that he and the first lady had contracted the virus.

The announcement has caused a ripple in markets so far sinking both US stock futures and commodities like gold and oil as well. This news brings the coronavirus back into the forefront for investors, challenging an opposing narrative of recovery and reopening.Read More

S&P 500 Closes at New All-Time High

By | August 19, 2020

The benchmark S&P 500 index closed at a record high on Tuesday, marking a complete recovery from the coronavirus selloff which began in late February. The Nasdaq, which was the first of the 3 major indexes to fully recover from February’s highs, also closed at an all-time high Tuesday.

A recent rally in tech-related companies has helped fuel the recovery of the S&P 500, accompanied by trillions of dollars in economic support including stimulus payments.Read More

S&P 500 Futures See 2nd Highest Weekly Close Ever

By | August 10, 2020

E-mini & Micro E-mini S&P 500 futures ended last week at the 2nd highest weekly closing price in history. All 3 major US stock indexes saw remarkable gains last week with the Dow rising a whopping 3.8% and the Nasdaq and S&P seeing 2.5% increases.Read More

Nasdaq Futures Book 3 Consecutive Record Closes

By | July 7, 2020

Monday’s session marked the 3rd record high close in a row for Nasdaq futures and the 5th consecutive green close for S&P 500 futures. Tech giants including Microsoft, Tesla, Zoom, Nvidia and Adobe touched new all-time highs during yesterday’s trading.

Driven by a tech sector which has shown considerable resilience during the outbreak, recent economic data including a record job increase last month has also bolstered investor confidence. Although opening lower this morning, the Nasdaq continues to push forward.Read More

Natural Gas Futures Rally as Summer Heats Up

By | June 29, 2020

Natural Gas futures (NG) saw gains exceeding 11% Monday morning as bearish investors lightened their short positions and new longs stepped in. This comes after NG saw a 25-year price low late last week.

Last Thursday, a bulky storage injection plunged prices to new lows, shaking out what was thought to be the last remaining bulls. However, Friday’s session was unexpectedly calm with no follow through to the downside and low volatility.Read More

Volatility Spikes After 7% Dow Drop

By | June 12, 2020

Equity index futures are rebounding this morning after Wall Street’s worst day in three months. News of rising coronavirus cases has again stoked fear in the markets and recent comments by the Fed have also shaken trader confidence.

As businesses reopen in the US, a rising number of coronavirus cases has many investors concerned over how the situation might escalate. Additionally, the Federal Reserve warned of a possible long road to economic recovery on Wednesday, decelerating the bullish conviction seen early this month. Read More

Over 215M Micro E-mini Contracts Traded in First Year

By | June 8, 2020

In their first year of trading, Micro E-mini futures have transformed the landscape of equity index futures trading. Following their launch in May 2019, more than 215 million contracts were traded in 12 months marking the most successful product launch in the CME’s history.Read More

Equity Futures Rally on Reopening Optimism

By | May 26, 2020

Equity markets rallied Tuesday morning with hopes that the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic is over. As some of world’s largest economies begin to reopen and news of potential vaccines continues to circulate, investors seem optimistic about market recovery.

However, with US-China trade negotiations still hanging in the balance, is this market positivity substantiated?Read More