NinjaTrader 8 Introduces New Trade Performance Window!

Known to many NinjaTrader 7 users as the Account Performance window, the redesigned NinjaTrader 8 Control Center is outfitted with a new Trade Performance window.

This modernized interface enables traders to generate customized performance data and compare it to trade history. Quickly and efficiently calculate big picture performance metrics such as Total Net Profit, Gross Profit, Gross Loss, and more in-depth analysis figures such as Sharpe Ratio, Ulcer index, and Sortino Ratio.

Filtering by ATM Strategy, Instrument or Account streamlines dissecting a trading blueprint. Additionally, NinjaTrader 8’s liberal open sourced C# programming environment offers developers the option to create custom Trade Performance statistics.

A revamped Analysis Display provides a convenient way to view periodic account performance statistics in grid form & graphically simultaneously. This enhanced graphical interface makes it easier to analyze trade data in a number of ways, including graphs for Cumulative Net Profit, Max Drawdown, Average Entry & Exit Efficacy, plus more.

Watch the following video tutorial to learn more about the Trade Performance window:

NinjaTrader 8 features over 500 new user driven enhancements – upgrade to NinjaTrader 8 for FREE today & explore the New Trade Performance window!