Develop the Trader in You – Learn How to Trade Futures

By NinjaTrader

So, you want to be a trader? You’re not alone! The appeal of a trader’s lifestyle has seen a record number of people setting up their online trading account. But how do you get started? And where do you learn how to trade futures and the skills it takes to be successful in the long run?

Tips to Help You Get Started

The ability to trade futures can help provide financial security, and with many markets open almost 24 hours a day, you can set your own flexible trading schedule and trade from anywhere in the world. With such flexibility, it’s no wonder many are considering futures trading. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Tip 1: Make the Time to Learn and Commit

As with anything else, practice makes perfect. Your success in futures trading depends on you taking those first steps and committing the time necessary to mastering the fundamentals and key concepts of trading.

Tip 2: Start a Free Video Course to Learn How to Trade Futures

Taking advantage of educational resources to build familiarity with futures trading basics is a key step in the journey. We have created a free multi-video trading course called, “Develop the Trader in You” to guide you through those first critical stages as you get started. It also provides a roadmap for all the key learning points you will need to master.

Watch part 1 of “Develop the Trader in You” to get started on your path to learning how to trade futures. To access the rest of the video course, create your free NinjaTrader account and unlock access to our full library of on-demand training: 

In addition, we host daily livestreams with shows dedicated to market analysis, risk management and more. View upcoming schedule.

Tip 3: Demo a Futures Trading Platform

Do your research and find a trading platform with all the features you will need. NinjaTrader offers a free demo account giving you access to all platforms and risk-free simulated trading so you can test the waters. Open an account today to test it out! 

Tip 4: Start a Trading Journal

Believe it or not, trading can be an emotionally charged activity--it can feel like a roller coaster some days. Keeping a trading journal can be helpful, giving you an archive of your past trading activity, so you can make adjustments in order to make better decisions, limit emotional reactions and help you plan your ultimate trading strategy.

If you’re just starting out with futures trading or have been in the game for a while, we hope these four tips provide a good jumping off point for you.