Economic Release Review: Futures Commodities in Focus

By NinjaTrader

A relatively light economic release week keeps commodity futures traders on their toes as they look for clues in market direction. Global central banks are timing rates adjustments, money supply and lending through the prospects of a potential worldwide recession.

The effect of FOMC pivot on futures commodities 

In this edition of the See the Futures live stream, we discuss the energy, metals, currencies and interest rate futures markets, and the prospect of an FOMC pivot.


Additional topics covered in the livestream include:

  • A discussion on what to expect from banks as earnings season begins

  • An outlook on inflation as informed by the energy markets

  • An opinion on the prospects of a recession, and is it already here for some of the population

  • A fundamental explanation of why Crude Oil may not fill the gap

  • Charting analysis of Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, E-Mini S&P 500, and 2-yr Micro Yield futures

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