Grains Market Price Behavior Effects on U.S. Economy

By NinjaTrader Team

A mild winter in America’s heartland could impact the grains market and poses several questions for farmers ready to begin planting season: Should they plant their crops early this year? And if they do, how much should they invest in early planting, in case weather predictions are incorrect? The USDA published yield expectations last week, and they are expecting all-time highs in crop yields. These factors and more enter into the decision process for many farmers this year. 
Director of Agricultural Research at AgriSompo North America Sterling Smith joined us on this week’s episode of “See the Futures” to drill down on the particulars of the grains market and how recent price behavior might affect the U.S. economy.

Additional topics discussed in this free livestream:

  • Why food prices are expected to continue to rise

  • Risks of planting seeds too early

  • Importance of the Commitment of Traders report in cotton

  • Open interest in the commodities markets

  • Chart analysis of corn, soybean and wheat futures

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