How to Identify Harmonic Levels and Rotation Zones

By NinjaTrader

Learn about the importance of Harmonic Levels when analyzing potential price turning points in the futures markets. We also discuss proprietary technical analysis techniques in identifying and interpreting Rotation Zones through a series of moving averages.

Applying Math and Analytical Skills to Trading

Mike Arnold, Chief Strategy Officer at Path Trading Partners, harnessed his mathematical and analytical skills as an electrical engineer and applied them to the world of securities and derivatives trading. 

Additional topics covered in the livestream include: 

  • A discussion on the importance of keeping a trading strategy simple
  • An explanation of why identifying potential price targets is key to a consistent trading plan
  • An approach to multiple time-frame analysis
  • An in-depth look at how rotation zones are used in intraday trading
  • Charting and price analysis of NASDAQ futures

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