Meet the NinjaTrader Team: Martin Franchi, CEO

By NinjaTrader Team

NinjaTrader CEO Martin Franchi joined NinjaTrader Live recently to share his personal journey into the financial markets and the evolution of NinjaTrader from humble beginnings to a futures trading industry-leading broker. 

Marty's insights reveal a company focused on the future, with ongoing investments in people, technology, product development, and user engagement—ensuring NinjaTrader remains at the forefront of the retail futures trading industry.

Topics discussed in this free livestream:   

  • NinjaTrader’s rich history
  • Futures trading innovations 
  • Focus on the futures trader 
  • NinjaTrader’s vision for the future

Martin Franchi’s Interest in Fintech Started Young

Growing up in Chicago, Marty’s passion for capital markets was evident from an early age. While the shift from floor trading to electronic systems slightly altered his career path, he found his way back to the trading world through NinjaTrader. Joining early in the company’s startup phase, Marty helped shape NinjaTrader into a leading retail futures trading platform, merging innovative technology and data with brokerage services to create a seamless user experience.

NinjaTrader’s Road to Retail Futures Trading

NinjaTrader’s history is marked by significant milestones that have defined its role as a leader in retail futures trading. Founded in 2003, NinjaTrader started as a desktop application offering professional trading tools to retail traders. Initially, the software was provided for free, with users only paying when they were ready to trade live markets. NinjaTrader continues a similar approach today, with its strong community of traders that values access to comprehensive innovative tools without the upfront costs. 

One of the significant advancements Marty discussed was the introduction of Micro contracts by CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) Group in 2019, which significantly lowered the entry barriers for retail traders. These smaller, lower-cost contracts provide more flexibility and accessibility, allowing a broader range of traders to participate in the futures markets.

What’s Next for the Leading Fintech Company?

Looking ahead, Marty shared exciting plans for NinjaTrader, emphasizing continuous innovation and global expansion. The company is committed to developing new products and services, enhancing educational content, and fostering community engagement through social experiences and trading competitions. 

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