Scan Trading Opportunities in Real-Time with Market Analyzer

By NinjaTrader

NinjaTrader empowers traders with powerful real-time analysis to easily monitor trade opportunities across hundreds of markets. NinjaTrader’s Market Analyzer provides an intuitive and customizable interface to track the markets tick by tick based on your preferred conditions to quickly uncover trading opportunities.

See how in this 1-minute video:

Customize Instrument Lists

Configure the Market Analyzer by adding markets individually, using popular instrument lists, or creating personalized lists with ease. You can quickly and easily customize lists through a wide variety of data points including price and time data, personal trading information, such as PnL, and even indicator values.

Personalized Indicator Columns

Multiple technical indicator columns can be added to the market analyzer to provide you with actionable information at a glance. By eliminating the noise, you can target the best trading opportunities across the markets you are watching.

Highlight cells with color changes, custom text, trigger alerts or display graphs when your pre-defined conditions are met. Rank, sort & filter instruments dynamically based on data from any column.

Templates can easily be saved for fast access and you can connect windows across your trading workspace to act on rapidly changing markets.

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