Three Basic Order Types Explained

By NinjaTrader


Orders are the core of electronic trading. As a result, understanding various order types is an important first step in futures trading for beginners.

In this article, the function and significance of three basic order types are outlined:

  • Limit Orders

  • Stop-Market Orders

  • Stop-Limit Orders

Watch this two-minute video for an introduction to these order types:


1. Limit Orders

A limit order is executed only when market price satisfies a user defined limit price. Buy-limit orders can be placed below price action, while sell-limit orders are placed above current price.

These orders are used for both entering and exiting trades. For example, a trader can buy into a market when their buy-limit order is hit and use a sell-limit order when price reaches a pre-determined level.



2. Stop-Market Orders

Similar to limit orders, stop-market orders are executed when a defined price is hit by the market. However, buy-stop orders are place ABOVE market price and sell-stop order are place BELOW market price. This is the opposite of limit orders.

Another name for a stop-market order is “Stop Loss” as these orders are often used to protect open positions to tentatively exit a trade as a loss.

Stop-market orders can also be used to enter a trade if a specific price level is breached. This is commonly referred to as a breakout trade. It’s important to note that stop-market orders become market orders once the stop price is fulfilled by the market.



3. Stop-Limit Orders

Stop-limit orders act as a hybrid between stop market orders and limit orders. These orders are executed at a specific price or better after a stop price is reached. This means that a trader must define a stop price as well as the limit value.

Stop-limit orders provide traders with greater control over order entry, but since there is a limit value involved, the orders are not guaranteed to be executed. While this can help traders avoid whip-saw market moves causing what’s known as slippage, it’s important to know these orders are not guaranteed to fill especially when used in exiting a trade.


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