Trader Insights: Inflation, the Labor Market and Macroeconomic Considerations

By NinjaTrader

GDP and the Fed's mandates are top-of-mind for traders across all asset classes. The Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank is one of the key components of the Federal Reserve System, and it plays an important role in carrying out the System's mission. The Atlanta Fed closely monitors Inflation, the Labor Market and Macroeconomic conditions.

Economic Considerations for Futures Traders

We are joined by Patrick Higgins, policy advisor and economist, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and discuss the important economic analyses that go into GDPNow-casting, as published on their popular EconomyNow APP.

Additional topics covered in the livestream include: 

  • An explanation of GDP and its construction
  • A breakdown of important updates to the GDPNow calculation
  • An analysis of the differences in the initial GDP release and its subsequent revisions
  • A discussion on how the unemployment situation influences GDPNow calculations
  • An opinion on the importance of consumer spending on the latest GDPNow number

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