What are E-Mini Dow (YM) Futures?

By NinjaTrader


When it comes to well-known benchmarks of the US Economy, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, otherwise referred to as “the Dow,” comes to mind. As the world’s most closely followed stock index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is comprised of the 30 biggest and most dominant companies in the US.

The E-mini Dow (YM) is a financial futures instrument which enables traders to speculate on the future value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Why Trade E-mini Dow ($5) Futures?

The YM offers traders exposure to the 30 US-based blue-chip companies which compose the DJIA Index. This includes well-established companies such as IBM, Caterpillar, Visa, McDonald’s, Boeing and Chevron. Instead of trading the equity products offered by each company, traders can gain exposure to all of them with one contract of the YM.

YM Futures offer investors both long and short opportunities to trade the DJIA in a more cost-effective way than Dow-based ETFs. Equity index futures such as the YM empower traders to access the strength of a total stock index without having positions in each individual stock, making them advantageous instruments to trade.

The YM trades practically around the clock electronically and draws participants from around the globe.

E-mini Dow Futures Contract Specs:

  • Exchange: Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)
  • Class: Futures
  • Trading Symbol: YM
  • Contract Size: $5 X Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • Pricing Unit: U.S. Dollars
  • Tick Size: 1
  • Tick Value: $5
  • Point Value: 1 = $5
  • Average Daily Volume: 239,106 (Year to Date July 2018)
  • Intraday Margin: $500
  • Contract Months: March, June, September & December
  • Trading Hours: Sunday to Friday 6:00 pm – 5:00 pm ET
  • Position Limit: 50 contracts

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