What Drives Market Trend with Dan Gramza

By NinjaTrader Team

In the futures market, price trends can be significantly influenced by the flow of capital into and out of markets. This movement of capital often reflects investors' shifting sentiment and risk tolerance. Geopolitical tensions or economic news, even in just one region of the world, can prompt traders to make market moves as well. When these conditions seem stable or predictable, markets can trend for extended periods of time. 

Head of Gramza Capital Management, Dan Gramza, joined us on this week’s episode of ‘See the Futures’. Hear from Dan as he explains what can drive price and talks through momentum using several current examples of futures markets trend.  

Additional topics discussed in this free livestream:

  • What is the nature of a trending market?

  • What can stimulate capital flows into and out of the futures markets?

  • Why certain markets tend to trend more than others.

  • What factors can determine trend strength?

  • What can slow down or reverse a trending market.

  • Current trends in the S&P 500, bonds, cocoa and natural gas.

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