A Deep Dive into Supply Chain and Supply Chain Disruption

By NinjaTrader

The U.S Census Bureau recently released the important Advance on International Trade in Goods on March 28, 2023. Providing a unique boots-on-the-ground briefing on the state of activity at Charleston Harbor, the deepest port on the east coast, is our special guest Byron D. Miller, Chief Commercial Officer from the Port of Carolina, on this week's See The Futures. 

How Supply Chain Disruption May Drive Economic Activity

With big ships being able to access the South Carolina Ports' terminals at any time, their activity and trends can give us clues to future economic activity, including the possible effect of, and how to handle supply chain disruption. Byron explains the trends of import/export dynamics pre- and post-COVID, and the status of the supply chain.

Additional topics covered in the livestream include: 
  • A discussion on the importance of import/export traffic via the ports system, for South Carolina and the United States
  • An explanation of how supply chain disruption affected global freight rates
  • An opinion on how current geo-political events accelerated a decade-long shift in manufacturing
  • A look at how "de-risking" the supply chain has fueled manufacturing policy for South Carolina and other Southern states
  • Charting analysis of Retail Inventories/Sales Ratio

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