Futures Contracts Across Asset Classes: A Midsummer Report Card

By NinjaTrader Team

Halfway through summer and halfway to the next Fed meeting, volatility is low and the living is easy. Jim Iuorio joined us on a recent episode of "See the Futures” to review major futures contracts in multiple asset classes, with a focus on the underpinnings of central bank activities and opinions and their effects on respective markets.


Additional topics discussed in this free livestream:  
  • Analysis of excess money supply and how it relates to current inflation expectations 
  • Implications of the depth of inverted interest rates 
  • Opinion on the relevance of the FOMC minutes release for day traders  
  • Explanation of the range-bound disposition of the Crude Oil futures market 
  • Chart analysis of E-Mini S&P 500, Crude Oil, Gold, Bitcoin, Euro FX, Australian Dollar futures  

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