How to Install a 3rd Party Indicator or App

In addition to the 100s of built-in trading indicators included with NinjaTrader, specialty indicators are also available to import through a vast network of 3rd party developers allowing users to further personalize their platform experience.

These 3rd party apps first need to be installed, or imported, into NinjaTrader before they can be used in the platform. This simple process can be accomplished in just a few clicks!

Learn how to install a 3rd party indicator or app in this 1-minute video:

Customize Your Platform Experience

3rd party trading indicators, apps & addons are designed specifically to assist with the following:

  • Technical Analysis: Fine-tune your examination of markets with proprietary indicators, chart styles, drawing objects and other tools which provide a unique perspective.
  • Trade Setups: Use custom chart or market analyzer tools to identify and alert trade setups based on your particular methodolgy.
  • Automated Strategies: Diversify your trading approach with automated strategies – algorithms which scan markets and initiate trades autonomously.

Browse 3rd Party Indicators & Add-ons

NinjaTrader’s 3rd party vendors provide unlimited opportunities to further personalize your platform. Additionally, NinjaTrader’s User App Share contains hundreds of free technical indicators and add-ons available for download.

Interactive Training Resources

NinjaTrader is designed to be used by all levels of traders from novice to expert. Workspaces, charts, templates, watch lists, and more can be customized to your trading style and approach. Our New User Video Guides provide quick tutorials and tips to help you get up and running.

For more in-depth training and videos, the NinjaTrader 8 Help Guide can be found here. The Help Guide can also be accessed through the NinjaTrader platform by pressing F1 on your keyboard. This action triggers the Help Guide pertaining to the last window used in NinjaTrader.

The NinjaTrader User Forum is also a great resource to collaborate with a community of NinjaTrader enthusiasts, programmers and our support team.

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