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Save & Load Custom Workspaces

NinjaTrader workspace

NinjaTrader workspaces allow users to create, save and access personalized platform layouts quickly, creating an efficient environment to monitor, analyze and trade markets.

A workspace is a collection of windows in NinjaTrader which includes charts, settings, technical indicators and drawing objects. Workspaces can also include watchlists via the Market Analyzer, order entry interfaces and other features.

NinjaTrader empowers traders to design and organize workspaces to best serve their trading styles. Users may employ multiple workspaces for different trading approaches, asset types, strategies, time frames and more.

Learn the basics of NinjaTrader Workspaces in this short video:

Customize Your Workspace

Workspaces provide users the flexibility to create and save custom layouts that fit their trading requirements. This personalization helps you optimize your platform to make fast, informed trading decisions and avoid unnecessary distractions.

Below are some of NinjaTrader’s key workspace capabilities:

  • Customize your workspace(s) based on preferred order entry methods, asset types, chart styles, time frames and more. Focus on only what you want to and streamline your trading approach.
  • Create multiple workspaces to separate and simplify your workflow. Use hot key combination Shift + F3 to quickly toggle between workspaces for efficient market analysis.
  • Design your workspaces across multiple monitors – NinjaTrader saves the location & position of each window.
  • Use Interval & Instrument link boxes to synch windows for intuitive market analysis.
  • Simplify your workspace and save precious screen real estate by using Tabs.

What is Saved in a Workspace?

When you save a workspace, all open NinjaTrader windows as well as their size, location and screen position are stored. The following items are also saved within workspaces:

  • Indicators on charts & Market Analyzer windows
  • Drawing objects on charts
  • NinjaScript strategies on charts
  • Alert conditions & actions

The custom NinjaTrader workspace seen above includes several market analysis and order entry features arranged in a personalized way. Each window can be sized and positioned to the user’s preferences

Interactive Training Resources

NinjaTrader is designed to be used by all levels of traders from novice to expert. Workspaces, charts, templates, watch lists, and more can be customized to your trading style and approach. Our New User Video Guides provide quick tutorials and tips to help you get up and running.

For more in-depth training and videos, the NinjaTrader 8 Help Guide can be found here. The Help Guide can also be accessed through the NinjaTrader platform by pressing F1 on your keyboard. This action will trigger the Help Guide section pertaining to the last window used in NinjaTrader.

The NinjaTrader User Forum is also a great resource to collaborate with a community of NinjaTrader enthusiasts, programmers and our support team.

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