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Micro Bitcoin Futures: Top Benefits for Traders

By | July 23, 2021

Micro Bitcoin

There is no denying the impact Bitcoin has made on the trading landscape in recent years. You may be interested in getting involved in cryptocurrency trading, but leery of holding virtual currency in a digital wallet or one of the many exchanges. On the other hand, you may already be investing in various cryptocurrencies, but are looking for an efficient hedge against your long-term holdings. Micro Bitcoin futures (MBT) help fill the gaps in each of these scenarios bringing Bitcoin futures trading to the masses! Read More

Trade WTI Crude Oil for Less with Micro Futures

By | July 15, 2021

NYMEX West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Crude Oil Futures are the world’s most liquid oil contract, and regarded as a global benchmark for oil pricing. At 1/10 the size of the standard-sized contract, Micro Crude Oil futures (MCL) provide traders of all levels an efficient and cost-effective way to gain exposure to the crude oil market.
Read More

What Are Micro WTI Crude Oil (MCL) Futures?

By | July 9, 2021

CME Group Micro WTI Crude Oil futures (MCL) are the latest in a series of micro-sized contracts. Read More

Tax Advantages for Trading Futures

By | June 22, 2021

While there are numerous benefits to trading futures over equities or ETF’s, one of the key drivers moving many traders into futures trading is tax efficiency. Read More

The Benefits of Trading Gold Futures vs. ETFs

By | June 18, 2021

“Gold is arguably the most watched and diverse commodity in the world,” according to the CME Institute. While gold-specific ETFs such as GLD and IAU offer traders a way to participate in this market, a more efficient and cost-effective way to trade gold is via Gold futures. Read More

Using Micro E-minis for a More Precise Hedge on a Portfolio

By | June 11, 2021

At 1/10th the size of their E-mini counterparts, Micro E-mini futures can be used as a tool to more precisely hedge a portfolio of any size. Read More

The Ease of Short Selling Using Futures

By | June 2, 2021

Short selling, going short, or simply “shorting” is a trading method of initiating a trade with a sell order in anticipation of a downward moving market. While shorting is a common practice for seasoned traders, there are some significant hurdles for beginning traders to short selling certain assets. Read More

Use Kagi Charts to Filter Market Noise

By | May 27, 2021

Developed by Japanese rice traders in the 1870s, Kagi charts plot price information as one continuous line. This unique display of price action can help filter out market noise and choppiness, helping speculators track and identify potential trade opportunities. Read More

Gold Futures: What Influences Gold Prices?

By | May 25, 2021

Gold is by far the most popular precious metal traded on the market. Used as a mode of exchange for over 2,000 years, gold is still considered a valuable asset and is arguably the most-watched commodity worldwide.Read More

Micro Bitcoin Futures on the Rise

By | May 20, 2021

Since launching on May 3, over 306k Micro Bitcoin futures (MBT) contracts have been traded, accounting for over $1bn in notional Bitcoin value. The Average Daily Volume was just over $25k, with an even balanced mix of trading during regular trading and overnight trading hours. Read More