FOMC Meeting Decision Analysis with Blu Putnam of CME Group

By NinjaTrader

As the relationship between inflation, recession and the health of the banking industry collide, the FOMC's latest action is under intense scrutiny. In the aftermath of the latest FOMC meeting policy announcement and Fed Chair Powell’s press conference, CME Group markets are on the move.  

FOMC meeting fallout, ramifications

Watch this edition of the See the Futures live stream as Blu Putnam joins us to discuss all things FOMC, inflation and recession outlooks, with focus on CME Group markets.


Additional topics covered:

  • An opinion on central banks roles in Japan, EU and England, and effects on currency markets
  • An examination of the reasons behind low inflation rates from the mid-90s to 2020 
  • A look at the reason for the change in Fed Chair Powell’s messaging 
  • A comparison of the current debt ceiling issue to the previous debt ceiling crisis in 2011

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