FOMC Minutes: Meeting Aftermath and Analysis

By NinjaTrader

In the aftermath of last week’s FOMC meeting announcements, CME Group futures markets are on the move. What signals and clues were given by Federal Reserve policy makers? We explore possible Fed policy paths for 2022. 


CPI Report Today: Effect on Stock Index Futures and More 

Also examined in this livestream are several components of the freshly released CPI report today. Where does this report fit in with the Fed’s longer-term objectives? What was the CPI’s effect on stock index futures at release? We examine which portions of the CPI report are key data points throughout the rest of 2023. 


Additional topics covered in the livestream include:  

  • A discussion on stubborn vs. sticky inflation 
  • An analysis of used car sales and airline fares as components of the CPI report 
  • A comparison of current projected rate cuts to rate peaks in 2008 
  • An explanation of what goes into a conviction trade 
  • Charting analysis of Gold and 10-Year Note futures 

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