Futures Trading Commentary and Analysis of the CPI Report

By NinjaTrader

The Federal Reserve focuses on core CPI when making decisions about monetary policy. With Wednesday’s inflation report packing little surprise, what components could make the most impact in influencing the Fed’s policy for the next meeting and beyond? Watch this week’s episode of See the Futures for futures trading commentary and analysis about the CPI report.

Energy – the Key Driver of This Month’s Inflation Report

On this episode, we focus on energy as the key driver to the headline inflation number. Knowing that these CPI numbers are 1-month delayed, and that energy prices have risen dramatically since March, our guest Bob Iaccino speculates on what that could mean for the next inflation report (coming on the heels of the May 3rd Fed meeting).

Additional topics covered in the livestream include:

  • A discussion on interpreting gaps in charts
  • An outlook on three possible scenarios for Fed policy (and what each means for Gold futures)
  • An opinion on Wednesday’s FOMC minutes release with respect to the recent bank crisis
  • An explanation of why Bitcoin is showing signs of bullishness
  • Charting analysis of Crude Oil, Bitcoin, Gold, Canadian Dollar and Euro FX futures

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